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[ PPM ] : Chival Rye the Trainer by Panderoo [ PPM ] : Chival Rye the Trainer by Panderoo
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[ Name ] : Chival Rye
[ Age ] : 20 Years
[ Birthday ] : December 6th 
[ Gender ] : Boy 
[ Occupation] : Trainer
[ Region ] : Kalos 

[ Personality ] :
彡Easily Upset

[ Talents ] :
Chival was trained as a boy to be able to man a sword pretty well and he loves it a lot. He was taught by his father for self defense reasons as a small child, but took it up as a hobby while he aged. He enjoys broadswords the most but due to the fact those are probably not allowed on a cruise ship he keeps a concealed dagger in his belt. Hopefully no one will figure it out huh. 

彡Historical Facts
Chival is a walking textbook when it comes to the history of the different regions. If you have a question all you have to do is ask him and he will recite this stuff back to you as easily as you asked it. He loves people who show an interest in his facts about his home or even their home. 

[ Flaws ] : 

彡Lack of Empathy
This trainer can have a hard time completely connecting to people when they're so much more different than him. He will listen to your problems sometimes but has a tendency to blow them off and treat them like they're not his, thus not his problem. Chival does wish he was a little more empathetic but doesn't know where to start with that.

彡Stuck in his ways
Chival indulges himself wholly in the ways of the midevil knights and chivalry. He still goes by those rules, some of which can be pretty offensive. He believe that woman cannot handle certain things especially physical labor. He could use some help, and with the right person would probably be willing to change his ways, but for now its a problem.

[ Pokemon Team ] :

Name: Percival

Species: Pancham

Gender: Male

Nature: Lax

Characteristic: Highly Persistant

Ability: Scrappy

Move Set: 
:iconwatertypeplz: Surf [ HM ]
:iconnormaltypeplz: Slash 
:icondarktypeplz: Crunch
:iconfightingtypeplz: Vital Throw

Additional Information: Bred from Chival's father's pangoro. Second member of his team.

Name: Arthur

Species: Teddiursa

Gender: Male

Nature: Bold

Characteristic: Nods off a lot

Ability: Pickup

Move Set: 
:iconpsychictypeplz: Rest
:iconnormaltypeplz: Snore
:iconpoisontypeplz: Toxic [ TM ]
:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Punch [ Egg Move ]

Additional Information: Bred from her mother's Ursaring. Very first pokemon and leader of the team. 

Name: Lancelot

Species: Cubchoo

Gender: Male

Nature: Impish

Characteristic: Likes to Fight

Ability: Snow Cloak

Move Set: 
:iconwatertypeplz: Brine
:iconnormaltypeplz: Charm
:iconicetypeplz: Ice Beam [ TM ]
:icongroundtypeplz: Dig [ TM ]

Additional Information: Third Member of the team. Gift from a family friend. 
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53-c Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
AHH a bear trio team thats so cute qwq
i like his personality a lot! kudos =w=
Panderoo Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2013
i enjoy bears (✪㉨✪) and so does he hehehe
thank you also 8) 
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