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[ TMF ]: Dawnstar BrineClan Leader by Panderoo [ TMF ]: Dawnstar BrineClan Leader by Panderoo


Name Dawnstar
Past Names Dawnkit Dawnpaw Dawnwing
Gender Male
Age  38 Moons 
Original Clan StarClan
Current Clan Brine Clan
Rank Leader

Brief Personality

[ Arrogant ]: having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.

[ Impulsive ]: acting or done without forethought.

[ Vulgar ]: lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined.

[ Adaptable ]: able to adjust to new conditions.

[ Ardent ]: showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.

[ Diplomatic ]: of or concerning the profession, activity, or skill of managing international relations.

*4 - 5 Sentences


[ Grandparents ]:
[ Mother ]: Timberstar Former Leader of FlashClan
[ Father ]: Blazestar Former Leader of BrineClan
[ Brothers ]: xx
[ Sisters ]: Cricketstar

[ Mate ]: xx
[ Kits ]: xx

[ Mentor ]: xx
[ Apprentice ]: xx


:bulletwhite: = Acquaintance
:bulletyellow: = Uncertainty
:bulletblue: = Friend
:bulletgreen: = Good Friend
:bulletpurple: = Family
:bulletorange: = Crush
:bulletpink: = Love
:bulletred: = Lust
:bulletblack: = Greatly Dislike
:bulletblack:/:bulletblack: = Despise

Name - Occupation ; :dev Roleplayer:
[ Feeling ] : " Description "

Cricketstar - Leader ; =pyxiecat
[ :bulletpurple: / :bulletgreen: ] : " Description "


%Zombroskies with ~Judgement-and-Geckos
Taz wasn’t sure what to think about this guy. He was upset and annoyed about why this guy was so concerned about someone else’s clothes. It wasn’t like they were hurting this guy. It was taz’s choice to wear these!! This was his lucky sweater. He loved it even though his sister ruined it with those dumb patches. “I am not afraid of bullets!” Taz said back angrily, “and I am perfectly aware of what they can do! Why are you even getting upset?” He threw down his arms to his sides like an upset child, “I did not do anything to you! Sorry I do not partake to use your way of hunting? That barbaric way of shooting down or clubbing. Can you even fucking hardwire a circuit board from scratch mr. perfect shot? Because I do it every night, and I make my own bombs on a pitiful budget.” He almost seemed like he was puffing up now, “I respect the way you choose to do your hunting and make your money, and I appreciate the help and the fashion advice, but I do not wish to stand her and be insulted without so much as a word! If you wish to shoot me than do it, because I am obviously not worth being alive if I am gun shy and enjoy wearing the only sweater my mom ever bought me.” He crossed his arms and stood still. This was completely out of character for Taz, but he could only take so much.

%Zombroskies with ~KylieKattu
These were the sort of moments Shamus had missed more than anything. He loved being able to feel safe in Hatter’s arms. It didn’t matter what happened back then, the embrace he received from Hatter was the only one that ever gave him any sort of satisfaction that he was going to be ok. It didn’t matter what had happened earlier Hatter could cure anything with a hug in Shamus’s opinion. The kisses were nice to, but not as awesome as the hugs. He still missed them anyway. He had missed everything to do with Hatter. Just because he might have been slightly scarred up didn’t mean a thing. That was just something new Shamus would learn to love over time, right? He just hoped Hatter would do that for him. He could feel Hatter’s hands on his furless scars, but it wasn’t even a bad thing. It was new, and it was an interesting feeling. Shamus had never had anyone actually touch his scars before. After the kiss he laughed slightly at Hatter’s comment, “So am I allowed to spend the night?” he snickered and added, “At my boyfriend’s house I would think that would be all right!”

%Zombroskies with =pyxiecat
It was about noonish in Bless city. The sun was pretty unbearably hot in this time of year, but it was ok if you sat around in the shade long enough. People from all over were already here because of the city’s wide tourist attraction. Certain lynxes, like Ollie, didn’t understand at all why there had to be so many people here all the time. Didn’t they understand this town was dangerous? Who would even want to visit here. Anyway, she was currently walking by herself to Molly’s house. The look on her face seemed a little distant and lost. Her body posture seemed to be slouched and her stride was slow. Finally she got out of the more popular sidewalks and seemed to be by herself now walking towards Molly’s house. She had timed this when she knew Taz would be out on purpose. She didn’t like that guy all that much, and Ollie really didn’t want to let him see her cry. Her thoughts started to drift away and she ended up thinking about yesterday again. Getting all that news in one day and spending all those hours crying on camp when she knew he didn’t want to sit there and hold her that long. She stopped walking and wiped her face with her forearm reminding herself that she wouldn’t cry until she was sitting on Molly’s sofa. The short blue-toned lynx kept walking now her hands in the front pocket of her oversized hoody. Ollie came up to Molly’s big gates and stopped staring at them wondering if Molly would even care. Ollie shook the thought out of her head and slowly pushed the gates open. She closed them gentle behind her and knocked on Molly’s door. She took a slight step backwards and bit the inside of her cheek. ‘What if Molly wasn’t even home this is so dumb.’ Ollie thought to herself, ‘She probably won’t even care that much…’ She rubbed her eye again, “Molly?” Her voice was shaky, “It’s Ollie, are you home?”

#The-Vegas-Lights with =creabooty
The glowing hotel lobby was always hard to maneuver, but it almost always seemed like it was even harder to get around when you had somewhere to go. Everywhere there were people checking in, checking out, demanding new towels, placing complaints, placing requests, and everything in between. Paws were going to be stepped on in this lobby so you might as well have gotten used to that fact. It was easier to get through if you were important or small, but Chica was neither. The tall, pregnant savannah cat did her best to get through the crowd. People would run into her and she would be the one to say sorry right off the bat. Normally she would have tried to talk to someone while she was walking through the disorganized chaos, but she had somewhere important to be. Well, she didn’t know what it was but she knew she needed to meet Dylan on the roof. She got into one of the many crowded elevators that lead up to the top of the building. Chica was pushed in with a bunch of other people, but the farther you went up the more the numbers decreased and finally Chica was on the top floor of the hotel. She couldn’t actually recall how to get on the roof, but she figured it was the stairs. She took them up, but paused right before she opened the door out to the roof. She smoothed down her bangs and adjusted the lily in her hair. She opened the door slowly and peeked out. She was blown away by the beauty Dylan had set up out here! Thought it was just a table really, she loved it! And a little candle lit dinner too! She gasped and put her paws over her mouth in excitement. ”Dylan!” She squeaked excitedly, removing her paws from her face, “What’s all this! Oh my gosh a dinner and everything!! Gosh I’m really sorry for being late! Did you do this all yourself?”

Dawnstar + Art (C) *Panderoo
:icontwo-moons-following: (C) *Panderoo + Admin Team
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petalkitten Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Too adorable xfcghvjkl;
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Look at that the muscle! I love these giant thick leaders I bet Yarrowspit could fit under him and she'd make him her own personal portable fort >:3

Also very lovely design! 
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This looks amazing! Awesome charrie!
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